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2009-04-27 20:02:23 by Xiratava

Unfortunately due to some technical issues and other events, the release of new songs is being postponed.....EBunni hopes to get them up soon though.....

Thanks for all the votes/listens on Sucker though. To be honest, I wasn't expecting such a great turnout at all :D

First upload, and first post

2009-03-16 22:18:19 by Xiratava

Hi guys,

I've been on NG for several months now, just watching the various submissions each day and listening to audio submissions too. Well, today here's my first post and first upload, though the first upload will take a while cause of the first submission stuff.

EBunni's released her first song, titled "Sucker For Your Smile". It's not very well done (poor quality mike, but you gotta start somewhere :D), but the plan is to tidy it up and master it in the coming weeks.

Well, enjoy! Reviews and Comments welcome!

EBunni and her crew :D